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18 May 2011 @ 10:31 am
Fic: If I Can Make It There, (Glee, Klaine & Puckleberry)  
Title: If I Can Make It There
Rating: a mild NC-17? Let’s go with that to be on the safe side.
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Puck/Rachel
Word Count: 8000
Summary: If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere, says the song.
Author Notes: Title taken from, of course, New York, New York. I listened to the Sinatra version of it obsessively while writing this.


After high school is over, after she's broken up with Finn - again - for the third time that year, after they decide this is it - Rachel leaves for New York. They've spent more time apart than together lately, and when she notices that she feels more like herself when she's not with him, she suddenly realizes she loves Finn sort of like she loves Kurt: a friend, a BFF even, but nothing else.

She doesn't deny her time with Finn - he has always been there for her, believing in her, and she still holds him very close to her heart. But she misses more the idea of being in love with Finn than actually being with him, and three days after senior prom they both call it quits, amicably this time. They hug, and Rachel cries, and Finn looks a bit lost, but that's it.

She sits in her pink room, with her suitcases packed, holding pictures of everyone she wants to take with her to New York. She leaves alone the next morning, her dads bravely keeping their faces dry and happy so they won't make their daughter cry.

Rachel knows they'll be miserable for the rest of the day - for the rest of the year - but she grabs her bags and the small Ohioan girl leaves for the big city. She's scared, terrified, feeling alone and confused and most of all, lost.

But she smiles. It's New York.


After high school is over, after Kurt receives his letter of acceptance from NYU, after Blaine receives his letter of acceptance from San Francisco, Kurt and Blaine sit on the backyard of Kurt's house and look at each without truly knowing what to do.

They've been together for over a year - the longest relationship in the Glee club, Kurt pronounces proudly every time he can - and they love each other madly, but not desperately. Desperate is a dangerous emotion in high school. Desperate gets you pregnant, gets you an STD, gets you into drugs or gets you to ruin your future in some other way. No, they love each other knowingly, and while there's been fights, they've never broken up and they've never done stupid things like cheat on each other or given in to unwarranted jealousy. Kurt’s chest swells with pride whenever he thinks of this.

They work together, which is why it's so hard to leave for literally opposite sides of the country. That afternoon they simply sit quietly in the backyard, talking and doing nothing more than hold hands. Finn, being the amazing brother that he is, takes Carole and Burt out to dinner and keeps them out till late. Kurt and Blaine eat while watching Chicago and have what's possibly their best sex to date, locked in Kurt's bedroom, the same room Blaine slept off the worst hangover only a year ago.

Pavarotti's old cage is on the top shelf of Kurt's bookcase, next to the crown and scepter he got in junior prom. His old Dalton uniform is still hanging in the closet, same as his every outfit for all competitions the Glee club has been through. The room is one huge reminder of everything that has happened, everything he wants to forget and everything he wants to hold on to, so it seems right to give the room one more memory before everything changes again.

Kurt grabs Blaine and twirls them, getting on top of him. He kisses him and they go again, because morning and everything else that awaits for them in life is closer than they'd like it to be.

The next morning, they're single again.


By pure chance, or fate, or maybe some other power they know nothing of, Kurt and Rachel end up living together. Rachel frowns when she sees a tall boy dressed like nobody else around, and whips her phone out quickly to text Kurt before the crowd at the station swallows him, check if it was really him.

They meet five minutes later, both of them fresh from the bus, scared and alone. It's weird being together without Mercedes, who's out living her life in yet another part of the country, but they grab each other and walk on and they've never been more glad they settled their differences and became friends.

Rachel texts her dads and Finn, putting all three men at ease that she's not alone in the big city. Kurt texts his parents and Blaine, and the latter texts back saying he's relieved Kurt has someone.

He doesn't add anything else. He doesn't add any love or any miss you. Kurt frowns at his phone but he shakes himself before he starts thinking stupid things. He texts him back and adds an 'ilu' at the end.

It's not the three words out in the open, even though they've said it plenty of times. It feels to Kurt sort of like a washed out version of the words - the sentiment and the strength behind it is the same, but the three letters are easier to get out than the full phrase, especially considering they're both single now.

The 'u' at the end makes his grammar-nazi self cringe, but he needs Blaine to know that everything they said that afternoon in June - and everything they said during the night, too - still holds true, maybe even more so now that they have such a lot of distance between them.


Rachel and Kurt are 19 years old, living in a dingy, little, just plain awful apartment in a disturbing neighborhood in NY. The landlord is the textbook definition of creepy and depending on the day he’s having, he eyes either Rachel or Kurt with a dirty leer. The building's concept of hot water is actually lukewarm at best, and the first nights in the apartment are disturbing - someone's always shouting, someone's always honking a horn, someone's always drinking and tossing his bottle to the street.

In Lima the nights were quiet and starry. In New York, the closest thing they get to watching the stars is driving for an hour or more until the leave the island.

When the days are bad, and work is worse, they break out into song and pretend they're in Rent. They sing Light My Candle and dance around the apartment with the iPhone flashlight app showing the image of a candle flame. They sing Without You on bad days and oddly enough, it cheers them up. Mostly they sing La Vie Bohéme, jumping on furniture in a way that reminds them both of Blaine and not of the Rent cast.

Half of their neighbors hate them, and the other half are amused by the two Ohioans.

School is amazing but hard, work is terrible, and they miss their families, so Kurt and Rachel simply hold on to one another in the humbling streets of New York. The Ohioan boy and girl with self esteem, talent and confidence the size of Ohio itself get shot down many times from more auditions they care to count, but they keep fighting it on.

(Rachel does keep count of how many times she's been rejected and the names of all the people that did so, saying that when she's a famous star, she'll publish their names so they can die of regret. Kurt looks slightly scared at this but ends up laughing, because half of those names have rejected him, too. When she's done writing the names of the day, they break out into New York, New York)


The first months are so confusing and so hard they don't fight. It's hard to believe, considering their personalities, but they have literally nothing in New York beyond each other.

Sure, they have coworkers and classmates but nobody's yet surpassed these categories to be considered a friend. Conversations end when work is done and when their cell phones ring it's a classmate having a doubt about a project.

Fighting means not talking to each other, means not sharing that they got lost again, that they missed the bus again, It's not telling each other that one of the people Rachel auditioned for that day literally went bug-eyed when she sang, it's Kurt not being able to tell Rachel that he has two gay coworkers and there are no slushie machines nearby.

So they don't fight. They scoot closer to each other in their ratty couch watching movies on a crappy DVD player, eating of the same carton of ice cream. Kurt makes a disgusted noise at the olives on the pizza and passes them on to Rachel; she makes a show of hating his brand of coffee but buys it anyway, just for him.

Fighting isn't even in the spectrum of possibilities those first few months.


The first one to get accepted in a play is Kurt.

He's at NYU, and he's not sure if what he wants to do for the rest of his life is fashion or theatre, so he has both these doors open. He goes to NYU, he works retail at a clothing store where the clients adore him for saving their evenings and pointing out major fashion faux pass, and when he leaves work he goes to as many auditions as he can.

And one day, someone says yes.

Kurt is over the moon, elated and literally dances on the streets of New York as if he were Gene Kelly in the rain, texting his dad and Blaine in all capital letters to convey his mood. Blaine doesn't text, he calls him - the first time they've talked to each other in over six months. He's whispering, so he must be in class or something, but he sounds happy for Kurt, genuinely happy. They talk all the way to Kurt's apartment, and suddenly Kurt realizes he's got a part in a play and Rachel Berry still doesn't.

Blaine tells him to man up, climb up the steps and face her, because Rachel is his friend. She's really not as bad as first impressions say she is.

Kurt turns around and goes to the nearest Starbucks, still talking to Blaine, and sits down with his nonfat grande mocha latte as they talk. They update each other on their lives and talk for another hour. Blaine misses a class and a bus and Kurt's wallet keeps telling him he shouldn't be in Starbucks, but they haven't talked to each other in months and Kurt has never wanted to kiss him more.

They hang up, eventually. It's getting late and dark in NY, and Rachel keeps texting him asking him if he was mugged or killed or abducted by music-savvy aliens. He texts back that he's fine and he'll be home in a while, and she still keeps texting him.

"She's worried," says Blaine. "She's your friend, she knows something is up with you."

Eventually Kurt hangs up and goes back to the apartment. He tells Rachel about Blaine, and she completely justifies his being late when she sees his silly smile whenever he says Blaine's name. She still can tell something is up, and asks him directly just how horrible the audition went.

Kurt tells Rachel that he has a part in a play, and that frankly he's a bit apprehensive at her reaction because while he has coworkers who like him and he has his parents, brother and Blaine just a phone call away, Rachel is really all he has in NY. He is, frankly, afraid of reverting back to freshman year of high school, when they did little more than tolerate each other.

But Rachel's face splits into a wide grin when she hears his audition went well and she squeals in delight, putting her arms around his neck, giggling in genuine happiness.


Rachel is jealous, of course. She's still Rachel.

She wants a part of her own, she wants Broadway, she wants to stand in front of an audience and sing her heart out. It stings when she goes to opening night of Kurt's play and she's in the audience and not on the stage.

She's still the first one out of her seat when the play finishes, her hands red and sensitive from clapping, her smile the picture of genuine happiness, because it's Kurt, and he deserves this.


Some days are so bad Rachel just wants to get lost in Central Park, put her iPod on her saddest playlist and cry until she has no more tears to spare. Some days are so bad she doesn't tell Kurt, even when she needs a hug and someone telling her she actually will make it someday.

Some days start horrible, with people only seeing her short stature, common looks and her abrasive personality and not listening to her voice, and everything she can transmit with it.

She's talented, and she knows this, but while Mr. Schue was amazing - in the long run - at making them feel better about themselves, he never prepared them for the world who wanted stunning looks and sex instead of raw talent.

Some days, even when they start horrible, they end better than she'll ever know. One Tuesday evening, as she gets out of the subway and is still fighting not to cry in the middle of the crowded station, something makes her stop.

She recognizes the voice first, and then she sees him. She pushes people and even steps on toes to get to the wall opposite the tracks. He's not sporting a mohawk anymore, and he's thinner to the point where the back of her mind is wondering if he's alright, but Rachel still only can listen to him sing The Lady Is A Tramp and giggle at the memories that come with the song.

He doesn't notice her until he's done with the song. He barely nods in thanks at the few clappers around and instead counts the money people threw into the guitar case; her smile grows exponentially, because some things never change.

"I'm not throwing any money in, just so you know," she says, and her smile grows even wider when his eyes land on her and his face register surprise - and then actual joy.

They walk around NY in the dwindling light of day, and Rachel hugs her coat to herself as they tell each other just how crappy life has been lately. NY is bustling, busy, the sun disappearing and the artificial lights in the street slowly growing. There are bright, vibrant colors everywhere, and the air is chilly and just perfect to walk in New York.

Rachel had forgotten just how beautiful the city was.


Kurt gets home that night fresh from a round of auditions that, even while rejecting him, looked on him a tiny bit better now that he had at least a play under his belt. He stops at the threshold of the apartment, looks at Puck asleep on their couch and goes to the kitchen to ask Rachel if he's seeing visions.

Puck hugs him when he wakes up, completely freaking Kurt out, and eats three helpings of the meatloaf Rachel made.

As Puck is considering whether to eat a fourth helping or some of the ice cream in the fridge to help digest it all along, Kurt and Rachel look at themselves and, with the silent conversation of friends who know each other too much, agree to let Puck stay with them for an indefinite time.

Puck says he takes no charity, and says a week will be fine. Two months down the line he's still with them, he has a towel and a toothbrush in the bathroom, a special mug on the kitchen cupboard and has been worked on in the cooking schedule Kurt and Rachel have had going on for nearly a year.

Puck's idea of cooking is take out, but he still pays for it and cleans up himself, feeling the need to do something around the tiny apartment so he won't feel useless.

Three months down the line Kurt has gotten him a job at the retail store he works at. In the back, in the deposit, of course, because Puck having to deal with snobby clients would make him go on a killing spree three days into the job.

Four months down the line, Puck is still with them and not leaving any time soon, and while they have their fights and their storm outs - and their jamming sessions, much to the chagrin of neighbors - the three of them somehow make it work.


Rachel still calls him Noah. Puck never admits how much he likes that.


One night when Rachel has been kept later than usual at work and keeps texting them both sad faces and a vast array of '#$%&@' that lets on how pissed off her boss is making her, Kurt and Puck find themselves waiting up for her without ever actually making a conscious decision about it. It just happens.

At one point of the night, when it's nearing midnight and they're both mildly worried, Kurt leaves his coffee mug on the table and turns to Puck, who's jamming with his guitar on the armchair on the corner.

"You used to throw me into dumpsters," says Kurt, and doesn't mention the locker shoves, the lawn furniture on the roof, the pee balloons...

Puck looks up from his guitar. "You used to think you were better than all of us."

Kurt makes a show of holding himself up a bit taller. "That's because I am."

A grin threatens to break out of Puck. "I'm still never going to work for you."

Kurt breaks out in laughter when he remembers why Puck says that, and is still laughing when Rachel comes home. She looks at Kurt as if he's finally cracked.

Puck shrugs and pushes Kurt's legs away so he can sit on the couch. "We were bonding," says Puck, amused.

Rachel is still standing at the threshold of their apartment. "Because four years of high school weren't enough for that?"

Puck shrugs. "What can I say, my boy and I take our time."

Rachel frowns at the two, both confused and amused at them, and catches Kurt's slight shake of his head and smile before he breaks out into laughter again.

Some days are terrible. Some days, however, subtly but surely remind you why you have to power on through the hard times.


Three days a week Puck starts showing up when she leaves work, claiming he's bored and this city is crazy. Rachel grins, because Puck does get bored easily and because NY is crazy, but she knows him better than just taking what he says at face value.

During one of these days, when they've stopped at a Starbucks to grab some coffee to warm themselves up, Puck turns to Rachel as she's adding sugar to her coffee.

"I wasn't actually going to break up with you. Back then, I mean," he says, watching her as she adds more things to her coffee and he valiantly doesn't gag at it. "I don't think we would've worked what with Finn and Quinn and Beth, but-"

"I know, Noah," she nods. "The circumstances back then weren't the best we could've had," she says. She puts the lid back on her coffee and they walk out of the store. "I think it was a wise decision for us not to continue... what we had."

Puck nods and zips up his coat as a cold, bitter wind blows through the streets of New York. They start walking again, a yellow cab rushing past them with the driver honking the horn as if his life depended on it. A street artist is painting an otherworldly landscape on a sheet of paper.

Rachel looks mostly at her coffee when she asks, "Do you think - do you think we could ever work?"

She looks up when he doesn't answer, and finds him somewhere between a smirk , a leer and a genuine smile. "I don't know."


A week later, when Rachel's grabbing dirty clothes to make a laundry run to the basement, Puck's wallet falls out of a pair of jeans and scatters its contents all over the floor.

She picks everything up, shoving it inside without much care nor concern until she sees the picture of a blonde little girl half hidden behind Puck's driver's license. She picks it up, recognizing Quinn's eyes and Puck's smile, and turns it over. Beth, Dec. 2011 reads the handwriting at the back.

Rachel grins to Puck where he's asleep on the couch and falls all the way in love with him.


One morning, while Kurt is making pancakes, Puck comes out of Rachel's room decked only in his underwear. They look at each other, and Puck shrugs and says nothing as he goes into the bathroom, making Kurt's eyebrows climb into the middle of his forehead.

When Puck doesn't boast, things are serious.


Later that day, Puck is working and Rachel and Kurt have unexpectedly finished their day early. They're walking home avoiding hurried businessmen and street vendors when Kurt says, "I thought you were saving yourself until marriage."

Rachel grins and says, "As it turns out, I was saving myself for the right person."

Kurt's disbelief at Puck being 'the one' for Rachel is so great she kicks his shin, hard, and he hobbles for minutes.

"It felt right, Kurt" she says, and he nods, because he definitely understands that.


The friendship between the three of them almost doesn't make it through midterm period. Rachel and Kurt are cranky, stressed and busy beyond belief. Puck shares this feelings both from proximity and because half the housework falls on him now. Cooking, cleaning and laundry schedules are shot to hell as all-nighters are pulled, as they arrive late from work and lock themselves in their rooms to study.

Rachel and Kurt barely talk to each other for days, and when they do, it's to fight. Puck almost leaves one afternoon, saying he should just find a place of his own and be done with their brand of crazy.

Rachel shows up later in Kurt's room and says nothing. They forget about studying that day, because college and midterms are important, but friendships are even more so.

They spend an hour agreeing on movies that the three of them would like, they order in and end up watching old reruns of Bones. Rachel and Kurt like the love story between Booth and Brennan and the science behind the episodes. Puck likes the gore of the dead bodies, Angela and Cam. In that order.

They end the night singing in their balcony, pretending they're in Rent - living with Kurt and Rachel made Puck more of a Rent expert that he ever thought he would be, and he gets La Vie Bohéme stuck in his head for days whenever he hears it.

As they're out in the balcony singing Out Tonight, someone from the street below joins them in song, and they can't stop laughing for hours.


When summer comes along and the school year is done, Rachel and Kurt make plans to take sick leaves from their jobs and visit Ohio, planning to take Puck with them before the boy goes crazy alone in NY. But Puck needs to keep his job, he says, so he can't leave.

Rachel, channeling her high school self, tells Puck that it doesn't matter because it's a terrible job anyway; he can always get another one. Puck shoots back how not all of them can be privileged girls with bosses who have the hots for her. Rachel shoots back - well, Kurt never finds out because he grabs phone, keys and money and escapes to the nearest coffee shop to call Blaine and recover a little of his sanity.

An hour later Rachel joins him, saying they'll be visiting Ohio alone.


They're midway through Pennsylvania when Rachel regrets half of what she said and thinks of better ways she could have said the other half. She calls Puck, but he doesn't pick up.

They part ways once they reach Lima, Rachel going to her dads, still feeling upset. Kurt gives her a big hug and feels a bit uneasy at leaving her alone when she's so troubled, but he lets her go, turns around and heads home.


When Kurt gets home there are three people waiting for him on the porch, all of them antsy and bouncy. Finn is the first to see him, pointing him out to Burt and Carole, his face the picture of happiness.

He hasn't seen his parents or Finn for months and it's suddenly dawned on Kurt that he's missed them more than he ever let on even to himself. Burt almost crushes his ribs when he hugs his son, his eyes suspiciously bright and red. Carole hugs him and offers him food, his ready-made bedroom, an update on Lima gossip. Anything he wants. Kurt could probably get away with asking her anything, she'd do it for him.

Finn, home from Chicago, envelopes him in a bear hug that leaves him breathless. They somehow manage to shadow themselves for the following two days, even when they'd never admit how much they missed each other.

They're different in personality, interests, in just about everything. Finn has the ability to exasperate Kurt like no one before and Kurt has the ability to confuse Finn like no one ever, and still - still, they're happy to see each other, even when Kurt has to endure Finn's video games and Finn ends up confused by the shows Kurt watches.

But that's what brothers are for - to love unconditionally through things you have to put up with, through things that make you mad and through things that make love your sibling even more than before.


Nights in Lima are quiet. Kurt knows this, he spent eighteen years' worth of nights in Lima, so he's well aware that all sounds die down at night, the quiet pierced only by an occasional police car siren or a drunken chat of two people coming home late.

New York is always awake, and this isn't just part of an amazing song. No, New York is always breathing and talking, she always has something to say, something to teach you, company to provide you with. You can go out at four in the morning and, while slightly on the creepy side for a boy from rural Ohio, you can find open stores and people willing to spend the night with you, in so many more ways than just a sexual one.

Rachel calls him about this a week after they've arrived in Lima. They're Ohioans by birth, little town people, the quiet of the suburbs embedded in their system. And yet after a year in the city, they can't seem to get New York out of their bloodstream.

They sing New York, New York to each other on the phone, and when Finn picks up the extension to call a college buddy of his and hears them singing, joins them in song without a second thought.


One morning in early July, Kurt is staring at Blaine face to face. It's not even on Skype - which Kurt wonders why they never did before - no, it's opening the door to get the paper and finding instead a car pulling up the driveway.

Because they’re technically only friends, Kurt hugs him even though he wants to kiss him, and takes him inside his house, even though he wants to take him to a secluded spot and not come out of it until September.

An impromptu reunion happens, Kurt calling Rachel and Mercedes over while Finn calls Sam, Brittany and Lauren, who either never left or are simply home for the summer, too.

The first thing they do once everybody arrives is go visit Mr. Schue. They show up at his apartment without notice, and the man nearly faints when he sees them together, half-shouting and half-singing 'Surprise!'

Mr. Schue invites them all in and they spend the morning talking and reminiscing, filling him in what's been going on in their lives. He looks delighted at the idea of Kurt and Rachel trying to make it in New York, and even more so when they tell him they're living together.

Kurt mentions Puck in passing, that he lives with them too, but couldn't make it because of work. Kurt is the only one to notice the subtle way in which Rachel's face falls.

At noon Mr. Schue has to leave for summer school, and they reluctantly part ways. Mr. Schuester was never the perfect teacher - they all firmly doubt that such a thing actually exists - but he brought them all together and believed in them at a crucial point in their lives when self esteem dwindled dangerously or egos grew exponentially.

Mr. Schue was flawed, and occasionally used the Glee club for his own rather nefarious purposes - some of them are still not over Rocky Horror - but it's hard to not love the teacher that changed your life for the good.


They spend the rest of the day in the backyard of Kurt and Finn's house, which has a pool the size of McKinley’s classrooms. They dunk each other in the water (Finn and Blaine are the only ones brave enough to push Kurt into the pool) and they randomly break out into song when they think back of their days in Glee.

Sam barbeques burgers, and Kurt moans how they'll go right to his hips and nobody will ever hire him again. Blaine eyes said hips and bites his lips from saying something about them that, Kurt suddenly understands, is not meant to be mentioned in the presence of Kurt's very fragile brother.


At four in the afternoon, when half the people are taking a nap and the other half are planning on dropping about a gallon of water on them, Kurt gets a text from Puck.

Kurt smiles into the phone, shows the text to Blaine, and texts back that she's at his house.


Rachel's face breaks out into a wide smile that lights up her entire self when Puck opens the back door of Kurt's house. She starts launching himself at him, and then seems to think better of it, calmly walking to where he is, standing quietly with his hands in his pockets and a duffel bag on the floor at his feet.

Everyone is happy to see Puck again, but they’re far more curious about the scene developing in front of their eyes, so they hold their greetings in lieu of the blatant eavesdropping.

Their 'I'm sorry's are so quiet that only Kurt and Mercedes know they said it because they were in an angle to read their lips. And then Rachel launches herself at him and hugs him so tight Kurt sees him give out a small 'Oof!'.

His smiles grows when she calls him Noah.

Much to the chagrin of the people present, they decide to go talk things out inside, depriving everyone from the overhearing opportunities. Finn, meanwhile, is looking at them with a small smile in his face. Kurt wonders if he'll ever truly be over Rachel. Blaine answers back softly that he will, one day, when he truly falls in love again.

Kurt wants to answer back that maybe he’ll never fall in love again, but he wouldn't be talking about Finn and Rachel anymore.


By the end of the day, everyone leaves happier and drunker - though certainly not even close to that fateful time when Rachel had her party, a memory they all try to deny the existence of. They mostly leave very okay with the world.

Mercedes and Kurt look at each other and try not to giggle like school girls when Rachel and Puck leave together.


They can't seem to stay away from each other. Blaine has been in Ohio for a week and Kurt has been in Ohio for a month and they spend most of their time together. They stay inside and watch movies or go outside and walk around, they shop or spend the day with the guys from McKinley or the guys from the Warblers, but they're always together, not thinking much about it.

They just gravitate that way. They wake up and think of each other, and when they're lying in bed ready to fall asleep a text comes to their phone about something funny the other one thought of.

Blaine's mom and dad, the ever loving parents that they are (and if you could see Kurt, you'd see the epic bitchface he was making) spend exactly two and a half weeks with their son and then leave for a cruise in the Caribbean. They won't be back before Blaine has to leave for California.

Kurt wants to bitch out about it, wants to call them on their utter lack of interest in their son, but neither Blaine nor Kurt are honestly surprised at the Andersons’ attitude. They show just about the same degree of interest they showed when Blaine said he wanted to transfer to McKinley for their senior year, and that is absolutely no interest at all.

But Blaine is not an idiot and is definitely not over Kurt, not that he ever wants to, so he waves his parents goodbye and then rushes to make plans. He builds up a stack of movies he and Kurt haven't seen together in a year, checks that the house pantry has every snack Kurt deems absolutely necessary for the type of movies they'll be watching, and then calls him over.

By the time the second movie is ending, the TV is already forgotten.

It's a new emotion, having a house to yourself. It's not the same as being eighteen and having your brother take your parents out to dinner so you can get it on with your boyfriend one last time. Back then they still had paranoia, so they had locked the door, and they held themselves back into silence because they still felt like kids doing something bad, even when it felt perfect.

This is a whole house to themselves, a house where they can let go in so many ways, and Kurt has never had loud marathon sex before, but he's thinking of becoming a fan of it. He's never had sex on a couch, or the shower or hell, even on the kitchen counter before, and he's so, so very sorry they’ve never tried this before. And not just because Blaine turns out to be (unsurprisingly) loud when climaxing.

This is freedom and love like they've never experienced it before in their lives and they can't stop kissing each other.

The first time happens messy and quick right there on the living room couch, Moulin Rouge on mute in the background, half their clothes on and the other half tossed on the floor, hands trembling and bodies shaking because they haven't done this in a year.

They can't stop kissing. Kurt can't stop his hands from going to Blaine's hair and from roaming his stomach before they roam even lower; Blaine has taken hold of Kurt's hips like they belong to him - which they do, Kurt musses - and he is especially fond of messing Kurt's hair. He likes seeing Kurt pretend he actually cares about his hair when Blaine has his hand on him and his fingers in him.

They can't stop smiling and they can't stop thinking how bad of an idea this is because eventually life will come knocking back on their door, California and New York looming over them like a guillotine hanging over them before the inevitable happens.

But it's summer, they're free and they're in love, and thoughts of college and guillotines are, in the end of things, far away from their minds, at least for a few days.


There’s a moment in August when Rachel starts insisting on them having a proper date, with dinner and a drive-in movie. Puck looks reluctant until Rachel brings out how backwards they’re doing this thing between them. They first lived together, then they had sex, then they fought. Might as well add a date there to fully commit to doing things backwards.

Puck grins at this. She lets him pick the movie.

When the day arrives Puck feels both like running away and like breaking into a run to arrive at her house earlier. It’s a complicated emotion, but it was even worse being alone in their apartment in New York, wondering if he had yet again screwed up something in his life that was actually a good thing.

When she opens the door, she has a t-shirt with two unicorns on it, a skirt so short that won’t let her bend down to the ground at all and a headband with bow on her head that is so reminiscing of Minnie Mouse’s bows that Kurt would have probably burned the thing away at the first sight of it.

It hits him suddenly just how fucking much he loves this girl.

It’s not like he didn’t know this before, because Puck might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he certainly knows how he feels towards girls, especially towards Rachel. Ever since sophomore year, there’s always been something about this crazy, Broadway-obsessed girl that has always had him teasing her and sticking up for her without even thinking twice about it.

But the scope of it all hits him full on when she’s standing there in one of her silly outfits and looking nervously behind her as her dads look at the kid with the shaved head that is going to take away their little girl.

When Puck tells Rachel how beautiful she looks, he sees one of her dads grab the other’s arm, smiling at the pair at the door. “Have fun guys,” says one of her dads.

Dinner turns out insipid and the movie ended up being more fun to criticize than to watch. They keep poking fun at the plot and actors' so-called acting skills and disagreeing on which of these was more responsible for the train-wreck that was the movie and they never notice that by anyone else's standards the date should have been a disaster.

Somehow, it works for them.


Eventually, everyone leaves to join reality. Finn is the first to leave when classes and a job interview are waiting for him in Chicago. Burt and Carole say goodbye to him in the house because Finn, being only four hours away, visits them more often.

Kurt drives Finn to the bus stop, suddenly unable to stop thinking about his first year in the Glee club and the ridiculous crush he used to have on this giant of a human being. Burt and Carole have been married for nearly three years now and he still can't get over that Finn Hudson is his brother and that they love each other as if they'd actually grown up together.

They hug at the bus stop and Finn threatens Kurt with forcing him into watching all of the Super Bowl matches if Kurt doesn't call more often.

Kurt laughs and says that with that sort of threat, he might even need to visit.


Puck, Rachel and Kurt are next in line to leave and Blaine, who still had over a week free, decides to leave for California after Kurt does, because he can't stay in a house alone where he can turn and see Kurt everywhere.

Burt, Carole and Blaine drive them to the bus stop, and Burt proceeds to almost hug the life out of Kurt. Carole does the same, only the threat to his ribcage isn't quite as much.

Carole is crying and Burt and Kurt are fighting with all their might not to, and Kurt has never been prouder of himself when he thinks he is the reason that these two are together, who are now alone without their kids, but aren't lonely at all.

Blaine stands off a bit to the side, talking to Puck and Rachel. When Kurt turns to him and they look at each other, Kurt suddenly realizes that no matter how corny he might think a teary goodbye might be, one is about to happen now, whether they like it or not.

They hug each other as Rachel, bless her, distracts Burt and Carole with inane chatter. Kurt buries his face in the crook of Blaine's neck, kissing it once. Blaine brings them apart a bit only to kiss Kurt fully in the mouth, hurried and needy, a hand holding the back of his neck.

"This isn't going to work," says Kurt, even though he nearly gags at the idea of leaving New York and Rachel in lieu of sunny California.

"I know," says Blaine, kissing him again as the speakers call for the passengers on Kurt's bus. Rachel and Puck are reluctantly hurrying them along and the last thing Kurt wants to do now is talk - or leave, for that matter - but he kisses Blaine again and turns around to go.

As they walk towards the bus and Puck hands the driver their bags, Rachel stands on her tiptoes to kiss Kurt's temple, grabbing his hand and never letting go.


A week later Kurt's on the phone with Blaine at night, talking to each other in hushed tones so Blaine won't wake his roommate and Kurt won't wake Rachel and Puck.

They haven’t touched the subject of themselves or making it work, they haven’t even referenced it. They’ve talked inane chatter that will cheer them up and nothing about their works and their colleges, because it instantly springs to mind the fact that they’re nearly three thousand miles apart

New York is coldish but still not excessively so, oddly quiet for the time of night. Kurt's burrowed under a blanket on the couch, planning his outfit for the next day and wishing he didn't have to go to work.

"Remember when I sang Teenage Dream to you?" asks Blaine at one point of the conversation.

Kurt lifts and eyebrow, it's not a complete bitchface, but half of it, maybe. "Hard to forget."

"I was flirting," says Blaine in a tone that's almost shy.

Kurt smiles as his mind, of course, replays the memory of Blaine and the Warblers singing Katy Perry. "And you weren't subtle about it. You were singing about me touching your skintight jeans and looking at me the entire time. You even pointed at me. More than once."

"I can't remember what friendship was like before meeting you," says Blaine.

Kurt feels his throat close up and his heart grow two sizes like the Grinch's. No 'I love you', no love making, no song has ever made Kurt feel as loved as he feels right now. He's seen all kinds of relationships, he's seen couples in love who didn't last because they didn't have the last inkling of friendship between them, and he's seen some people last eternities because they're first and foremost each others' best friends. He's seen this and everything more, mixed and matched.

Kurt wants an eternity with Blaine and a solid foundation of friendship is as good a starting point as they can get. And suddenly Kurt can't wait to spend the rest of his life with Blaine.

"I really fucking miss you," says Kurt, and Blaine smiles because Kurt only swears when something big is going on.

This thing between them is big, and unavoidable, and Blaine vows to take it upon himself to make it work. He likes San Francisco and he likes the friends he made there and he wouldn’t be unhappy if he spent the rest of his life there. But he loves Kurt and he wants, he needs to spend the rest of his life wherever Kurt is.

Blaine's smart enough to know than when he's eighty he won't regret sticking to a state and a college. He'll regret letting Kurt go.


By the time the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade arrives, Blaine is living in New York. He‘s in the middle of the frozen crowd that’s watching the parade, huddled under two coats and his thickest scarf, sipping his medium drip while Kurt is having his nonfat grande mocha latte as they talked animatedly about everything around them. He doesn’t even notice he should be more conscious of his adaptation period to the change of college, of friends, of climate, of life.

Out of nowhere and for no reason at all - or rather, for the same wonderful reason as always - Kurt leans over and kisses his cheek. Blaine should be having trouble adapting, but really, he’s having too much fun to notice.


Slowly, everyone realizes Kurt and Rachel’s old apartment is just too small for the four of them. There are just too many different schedules, too many clothes, too many shows to watch and too much sex to be had while the other couple is attempting to sleep, or cook or listen to a movie.

Kurt and Rachel spend the better part of six months looking for two apartments in the same building. They're oddly unwilling to let go of each other, and the only solution they came up with is, of course, living in the same apartment building.

Rachel has a mental image in her head of Monica, Chandler, Joey and Rachel living across the hall from each other, and she vows to get a golden frame for the peephole of her future apartment.

She'd paint it purple, too, but she thinks Puck might not be up to that. In fact, he seems to be so scared at the idea of Rachel decorating their apartment that he practically jumps in joy when Blaine takes pity on his suffering and mentions that everyone’s seen the Hudson-Hummel house. Why not let Kurt decorate their apartment, too?

Kurt is elated at the idea of another apartment to work on and Rachel pretends to be mad, and she is a little bit, but Puck smirks at her fake pout and kisses it off her.


They finally find two apartments for rent, only a floor apart from each other, connected by the fire escape ladder and it's so reminiscent of Rent, of Mimi and Roger, that Rachel squeals in delight when she sees the apartments are decent, the rent is manageable and the neighborhood doesn't make you want to go out with police custody.

Rachel and Kurt meet up in the fire escape ladder on the night they first move in, sitting on the steps that leads up to Puck and Rachel's apartments.

They‘re silent for a while until Rachel simply says, "We're living with boys."

And it's scary and it will be difficult and nobody is assuring them they'll last forever. Nobody assures them they'll even last through the week.

They'll certainly last through the night, that much they know, and it's all they want right now. They’re broke, stressed and busy, but they’ve also got this feeling in the center of their chests, something warm that radiates and shines every time they realize what’s going on.

In both apartments there are boxes everywhere, brooms and rags and bottles of cleaning liquids strewn all over the place. A pile of clothes cover one side of Kurt and Blaine’s couch and there’s a small bag on the counter of Puck and Rachel’s kitchen filled with magnets that are still waiting to be placed on the fridge door.

New York outside is warm and the sun has just lowered behind buildings. Cars will never stop passing and honking their horns and people will never stop being mostly indifferent to each other, hurried to get on with their lives.

Puck is waiting with the take out menu in one hand and the phone in the other and Rachel stares for a bit before snapping back to reality and saying she‘s cooking or their arteries will start clogging like an old drain pipe. Downstairs, Blaine is on the couch playing his guitar and seeing if it survived the trip intact. An hour later all four friends are sitting on the couch of Kurt and Blaine’s apartments, watching TV and eating Chinese right out of the cartons.


This is their life.

Blaine goes to NYU too, missing the friends he made in California and never admitting when he talks to them on the phone he likes NYU a lot more than he thought he would. He plays gigs in seedy bars and takes every chance he gets at being discovered, because the boy who kept jumping on furniture whenever the Warblers sang, wants to sing for the rest of his life, because it feels right, it makes sense. Like eating, or breathing.

Kurt’s work sucks and he's seriously thinking that if he continues in the same work line, fashion-impeded people will give him an aneurysm by the time he's 30, so maybe he won't do that for the rest of his life. Interior decorating is calling him, but he’s still on the fence. College is hard but it's, amazingly, fun. And trying to make it in NY means getting a shitload of rejections before someone says, 'yes, you'll be perfect for this part'. Life is shit, and it's still perfect because at the end of the day, Blaine's life is equally shit as well.

And that's all Kurt ever wanted, in the end. He never asked to be swept off his feet by a gay Disney prince, he never asked to fall in love with a millionaire. His dreams were never huge and unreachable, he always wanted the basic things.

When he was in high school that meant walking hand in hand down the hall and dancing at his prom with the boy he loved. Now that he's older the basic thing for him is sharing every inch of his life with Blaine, every smile and every tear, even every fight.

Still with the same boy he never knew existed and until he took his hand and serenaded him with Katy Perry.

Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever.


More author's notes, the last one I promise: snarky_kat and I have had so many conversations regarding Rachel and Kurt's futures, Rachel and Puck meeting in NY, their crappy life and how perfectly they'd work together that this universe is part of my bloodstream now. So, yes, half of this is her brainchild. It's all her fault. XD
But the actual words for this came up as a break in writing another longer fic I've got going on (which awakencordy is waiting and she'll kill me when she finds out I've been writing this and not the AU she wants. Ahem. Love you, bb XD )
My brain rests from writing by.... writing. Logic, my brain lacks it.
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lavender_love00lavender_love00 on May 18th, 2011 02:15 pm (UTC)
God, this was beautiful.

It makes me want to do college over again, go to New York, LIVE in New York ...

So many FEELINGS right now.
lavender_love00lavender_love00 on May 18th, 2011 02:28 pm (UTC)
Also, may I just say, your banner is gorgeous. There is no quote more perfect for Kurt than that one, and I LOVE e.e. cummings and it's just perfect. And beautiful. And I am having so many LOVE EXPLOSIONS about EVERYTHING.
(no subject) - moodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:08 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - moodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:07 am (UTC) (Expand)
echelon_coilerechelon_coiler on May 18th, 2011 02:18 pm (UTC)
You are a GENIUS. This is one of the few long fanfics that I have actually enjoyed reading & I would totally read this again and again because it is just that much awsomeness & I have actually bookmarked it :)

-Becky xoxo
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:09 am (UTC)
Hehehe *blushes* Aw, shucks.
Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm glad you liked it!
Katrinagameboycolor on May 18th, 2011 02:38 pm (UTC)
I love you for putting them in shitty, realistic apartments. It makes the story so much more believable. A lot of future fic writers seem to be writing fantasy NYC and it takes me out of the story.

Beautifully done.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:11 am (UTC)
Yes, that's one of the things me and my friend agreed on from the very start when talking about their future - shitty apartment, small, terrible. They're two small town, middle class kids living in New York. They're gonna have it bad at the start. (Although with Kurt's outfits you'd think Burt owned Microsoft, but that's another conversation for another day.)

Thank you so much.
Melnewkidfan on May 18th, 2011 02:48 pm (UTC)
This was absolutely wonderful... I now have the biggest smile on my face.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:12 am (UTC)
I'm so very glad I made you smile. Thank you!
Rosalind Franklin: KURT/BLAINEamuly on May 18th, 2011 02:56 pm (UTC)
Awww. This thing was sweet in exactly all the best ways and not overbearingly so. There was the sad and the happy and it all blended together really well.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:12 am (UTC)
Thank you for the lovely comment! Aw.
littleboatfullofwaterdarkjeanne93 on May 18th, 2011 02:56 pm (UTC)
I.. I.. I love this. Truly wonderful.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:13 am (UTC)
I'm glad you loved it! Your comment made me smile. ;)
Sofia Kiesslingloveforlykke on May 18th, 2011 03:03 pm (UTC)
This was absolutely wonderful! Every single relationship was portrayed so beautifully and it was both realistic and like a fairy tale! No notes for you! MUCH LOVE. <3
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:15 am (UTC)
Heee. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad to know they looked realistic. <3
Valentina: delena 2valentina_says on May 18th, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
I honestly have no words for how amazing this is. I don't even ship Puckleberry but I loved the two of them in this and just, Klaine. Klaine. <3 This was beautiful, amazing, perfect and now I'm gonna go stalk your author tag on k_b, if you don't mind.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:20 am (UTC)
It makes me grin very wide that Puckleberry isn't your ship, and yet you love them in the fic. Thank you, thank you very much for this lovely comment.
amyanonymamyanonym on May 18th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Wow. Reading this really made me hurt. There's so much emotion and nostalgia in it.
Well,... I'm living college life right now, and at the moment it sucks... like maybe equally sucks like it sucked for Kurt and Rachel the first year.
Thanks for sharing this. :)
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
*gives you soup and a blanket* I hope it's at least a good type of hurt. If not, I'm sorry. ;)
I know, I'm in college too, and sometimes it's wonderful and sometimes I kind of want to light the place on fire. I wanted to reflect that, you know? I'm tired of seeing fics (from all fandoms) where college is easy and fun and perfect, because it really isn't. It's not meant to be that way.
*wonders where that mini rant came from* O__o
Thanks for the lovely comment.
Lilysymphora on May 18th, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
I really love this. It's so perfect for all of them, especially with the fire escape! Wonderful.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:25 am (UTC)
I had this image of them in NY, in the fire escape steps, NY noisy and busy below them and the two Ohio kids just huddled together watching it all.
Thank you very much!
adiwritingadiwriting on May 18th, 2011 03:33 pm (UTC)
What a beautiful piece. I love how you managed to say so much by not saying much at all. Well done.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:29 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it.
(Deleted comment)
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
Is it bad to say 'i'm glad I made you cry'? because I am. ;) Thanks for the lovely comment.

Also, excuse me while I stare nonstop at your icon. *___*
obsessed_makpa: Klaineobsessed_makpa on May 18th, 2011 03:47 pm (UTC)
AWWWWWWWWW. ♥ This is stunning. Other future fics are depressing and all but this. It's so in character and just- wow. Puckleberry was cute and Klaine. Wow that was beautiful.Especially the last two lines. ♥ After reading it, I feel all happy inside and I can't stop grinning like an idiot.

The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:02 am (UTC)
I'm glad I made you grin! ;D Thank you so much for your comment!
amyr0naldweasley on May 18th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC)
I have lost count of how many times I cried reading this. It just captured the emotions of what they would be feeling so clearly and, whilst I cried at pretty much every section, the bit that got me the most was, Kurt wants to answer back that maybe he’ll never fall in love again, but he wouldn't be talking about Finn and Rachel anymore..

It was so heartbreaking and filled with love at the same time and I'm gonna wrap this comment up now because I'm actually going to start gushing over how fantastic you are in a minute.

The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:40 am (UTC)
Oh, gush away, I won't mind. XD
Oh my god, thank you so much for that comment! That is wonderful and made me smile very wide. I'm glad I made you cry! Hee.
onebookwomanonebookwoman on May 18th, 2011 04:21 pm (UTC)
This is terrific and is going in my favorites folder. I grew up outside of Chicago and always felt that Chicago was big enough for me. My aunt and uncle lived in NYC and visiting them was all I ever wanted. Thanks for writing this amazing story. I look forward to many more.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:41 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for your comment!
vincent_twicevincent_twice on May 18th, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
I can't even. This was so beautiful and it's so intense. You've made them more than characters. These are real people. Congratulations. You are certainly a whole other caliber of writer.

Thank you for an amazing read.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Aw, you're going to make blush! Thank you, so very much for your comment and your compliments! :)
(no subject) - vincent_twice on May 20th, 2011 05:33 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Taraoncetwiceforevr on May 18th, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
this was incredible. i love fics like this, where we get a realistic glimpse at what the future might be for these characters. your rachel/kurt friendship was beautiful and i loved the idea of these four "people" finding solace and friendship in one another.

this line really got me:

"I can't remember what friendship was like before meeting you," says Blaine.

The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:45 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for commenting! I am so very glad you liked what I did with this! Especially the Kurt/Rachel friendship, I love those two so much.

I'm glad you liked that line! I actually like it myself, and it was purely character driven, the type of thing that bursts out of you before you know what you're writing. It's the power of the Klaine. ;)
maplelump: D!Wienermaplelump on May 18th, 2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
My two OTPs??? What did I do to deserve this awesomeness?????


fantastic job :D
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:49 am (UTC)
I'm glad I made you flail! XD And they're my OTPs too, so high five on awesome ships! ;)

Thank you for commenting!
reinvent_luv_xoreinvent_luv_xo on May 18th, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
oh my god... this was so beautiful. It takes a LOT to make me cry reading fic, and you just did it. I hope you're happy.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
Ok, I'm a bad person: I am happy that I made you cry. ;) Here, have some tissues and a cookie. Better? ;D
Thank you for commenting!
starry_midnightstarry_midnight on May 18th, 2011 05:26 pm (UTC)
Oh lady, that was just perfection! Every little inch was brilliant and amazing and real! Loved it! (And you!)
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:52 am (UTC)
OH HAI YOU. Ooh, now I'm grinning wide. I'm sooo glad you liked this! Aw. Love yah back!
canopus74 on May 18th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
I read through this and realized yet again why I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to live in New York City. It's a fun place to visit, but for me, I love beautiful scenery. I love trees in the spring and fall, sprawling acreage, wildlife, and breathtaking sunsets. It's hard to find those things in NYC. That bit about the starry nights in Ohio vs. New York really got to me; because where I live the starry sky at night is absolutely stunning. You can see the full night sky from my back deck and hear the frogs croaking at night. I simply could never deal with New York's constant noise pollution or lack of green scenery.

Anyways, I really love how you painted their future. It's incredibly realistic. It's not easy living in a city like NYC when you are in college and working. What's more, making it on broadway is difficult and so many people seem to forget that when writing about auditions/plays. I especially loved the Puck/Rachel aspects and Kurt/Blaine here. I liked how Blaine didn't automatically pick a college in the same state and transferred later on.

As an older college student, I sometimes get annoyed by younger students that act like money is no object. You avoided this here; they all worked and studied at the same time, a much more realistic approach for middle-class children like Rachel, Kurt, and Puck. I'm done rambling now!:)
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:57 am (UTC)
Goodness my, first off: THANK YOU for that comment, it's amazing!

And yes. I live near Buenos Aires, which is nowhere near as big as NY, but it's huge and busy and noisy and void of stars, and I really, really like living in a place where I can look up and see the constellations, where I can go out and take a walk and not be smoked down by the pollution. Like you said, it's a wonderful place to visit, but I couldn't live in it all the time. I like the green too much.

I've read so many fics that, however wonderful in themselves, they seem to forget that most people don't have it easy or fun after high school is over. Work doesn't magically appear, opportunities don't knock at your door and you don't move into a penthouse the first moment you reach the big city. I've always seen them in a tiny apartment, struggling and holding on to each other. It's my head canon. ;)

Edited at 2011-05-20 06:58 am (UTC)
hoshitflyingpighoshitflyingpig on May 18th, 2011 06:22 pm (UTC)
perfect fic is perfect <3
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)
Lovely comment is lovely. <3 Thank you!
me, still awake at 3artsnletters on May 18th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
That was so beautiful. I actually teared up, especially when Kurt and Blaine had to say goodbye at the bus stop.

Everything is flawless in your story and I felt like I was with Kurt and Rachel too surviving with what they have and trying to make the best out of everything. I can so relate.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 06:59 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for commenting! I'm very glad you liked this! ;)
Stacey Cathryn: darren criss sunglassesdiamond_sky18 on May 18th, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
That's so lovely. I've never particularly been a fan of Puckleberry but I like them in this, and Puck being a street musician, that's just perfect.

They all have their happily ever after.

I love the last image I'm left with, Blaine playing guitar with the other three gathered round. It just feels magical.
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 07:00 am (UTC)
It means a lot that you aren't a fan of the pairing and yet you like them in here. Thank you so much! This was a lovely comment.
queenmirror on May 18th, 2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
This was amazing, really!!!! You write very well
The voice says I'm almost out of minutesmoodymuse19 on May 20th, 2011 07:01 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you so much!! <3
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